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Tuition, Testing and Consulting Services:


Specialist tuition services are offered in literacy and numeracy from Prep to and including the Middle Years at the Viewbank home office and via ZOOM. 


Initial consultations are free (30mins)

Lesson times vary in length and cost depending on age and learning requirements. 

Cost range: $55 - $110

Payment and Policy information can be accessed at this link:

A Student Registration Form will be provided once contact has been made and availability has been discussed.


Assessment is conducted at the home office in Melbourne.


The following kinds of reports are offered on a needs basis for ongoing students and at a cost:

1. Reports to share learning goals.

2. General progress reports. 

3. Transition or 'new school' reports.

4. Referral to another specialist reports.

5. Intervention summary reports after 6-8mo intervention, are all provided


Please refer to the Policy document tab and download the Learner Assist Policy for costs involved.  

Re Assessment services: (Only certain tests are offered via zoom.) Assessment is conducted at the home office in Melbourne.


Why have a Literacy Assessment?

1. Assessment can help determine your child's Language and Literacy strengths and weaknesses.

2. If you have been concerned that your child is falling behind at school, an assessment could help to determine the extent of your child's difficulties.

3. The consultations and reports that accompany assessments will provide you with standardized test results, commentary and recommendations for you, and the school your child attends.

4. The information provided by the consultations and reports can be used to enhance the Individual Learning Plan your child receives at school, and in the case of students diagnosed with a literacy and / or language disorder, can be used at Parent Support Group meetings for discussion. 

5. Assessment reports can also be used, in certain circumstances, as referrals to other specialists.

The Learner Assist Literacy Assessment Option:

Language and Literacy assessment is generally conducted using the: TILLS (Test of Integrated Language and Literacy Skills), COST spelling test or other, TOWRE-2, possibly the Neale Reading Analysis, and the CTOPP or PAST phonological awareness test. Other tests may also be administered.

The assessment report may act as a referral for further assessment by other specialists, or act as a stand-alone report. It includes test results, commentary and recommendations.

Cost: Approximately $500

Maths Tests used:

The WiAT (Wechsler Individual Achievement Test - 3rd Ed) is used to assess Maths fluency, Maths Problem solving and Numerical Operations, and provides standardized measures. A report with commentary and recommendations is provided.

Cost: Approximately $150

Further tests used, dependent on the age of the student tested, are: place value screeners such as the PVAT, or the Emerson and Babtie 'The Dyscalculia Asssessment' interview. These tests do not provide standardized assessment results but do provide valuable information for lesson planning and reporting and can also be used to set learning goals and ascertain progress over time.


The Specialist Consultant Tutor assists with setting up Individual Learning Plans for students by attending Parent Support Group Meetings at school.

Cost: $100 an hour.

NOTE: There may be further costs involved if actions are required such as the writing up of a learning goals report. Also, the above consultation is ordinarily for students attending lessons. For students not registered for intervention, there may be more costs involved.

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