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2023 Learner Assist
2023 Learner Assist Writing

Learner Assist 2023

2023 Learner Assist Sounds

Sounds and sensory.

2023 Learner Assist Morphemes

Card and sorting games to teach sentence building, 'rime' and morphology concepts.

2023 Learner Assist Maths

Maths at Learner Assist

Learner Assist LOGO
2022 Syntax game
2022 Spelfabet phonics word building game
2022 Drop the e rule game
2022 ie says ee and ie
2022 Ee sound work
2022 ch tch spelling lesson
2022 ay sound BINGO lesson
2022 silent e lesson
2022 Short vowels i and e
2022 ci sh suffix syllables
2022 Caesar Pleaser
2022 -ure suffix
2022 Maths double double game
2022 Place Value
2022 Factor card game
2022 counting in 3s
2022 Base tens
'poly' Greek Combining Form
'poly' GCF vocabulary work
Opinion burger_LI
Web DI sentences
Using cuisenaire
Tessa Daffern's books
Multiplication understood
Times tables
Syllabification with highlighters
Sound work or sound
Morphology in action
Maths worded problem steps
Language games
Grid, cuisenaire and beads
Grouping four
Story telling
A 'flex'ible root
A maths tables lesson
A mind map: Popplet
A /f/: ph gh lesson
A punctuation and comprehension activity
A 'Red' Year 8 warning story
A 'root' view
The 'scrib' root
A sound swap with spelfabet
Sound deletion and addition non words
A warning story
a_e split digraph
The Great Word House en- prefix
Maths card game
The Great Word House -al flashcards
The Great Word House -al suffix
Where? When? How? Finding Story and Pattern of Three
/ie/ sound and spellings
Wedge / relative / dependent clause
Punctuation and relative clause / adverb
Sticky dots for sound work
Pattern of three
WvC sentence stretches
UFLI tiles
Words at Work game
Relative clause
Morphology root work
Morphology roots rupt therm aud
Morphology  root triangles - script, pho
Morphology - building vocabulary
Morphology pack
'rupt' root
Writing Matters - William Van Cleave
writing resources

Morphology: suffix lesson.

oi oy lesson

/oy/ phonic lesson.

oy oi OG game

oy / oi board game. Orton Gillingham - Corey Zylstra.

Tim's quiz

Little Learners Love Literacy Tim's Quiz.

Writing resources

Pie Corbett: Talk for Writing.

Halloween writing activity
Singapore Maths

Singapore Maths.

Multiplication Bingo 3x 4x 5x
Maths assessment
Fractions work
I spy game
Domino doubling
Dice games
Michelle Hutchison's slider

Sliding the letters down the slide 'sound by sound'. Watch me; let's do this together; your turn. (Michelle Hutchison)

Morphology planning
More morphology

Morphology: Prefixes, roots, suffixes.

Latin roots

Building words with latin roots.

/f/ sound
Little Learners Sound Swap

Sound Swap.

Little Learners decodable

Little Learners Love Literacy decodable reader.

Little Learners 'rime' cards

Little Learners Love Literacy 'rime' cards.

Little Learners CVC BINGO
CVC sound check
Buried Treasure
Card game
Tiny Steps resource

Tiny Steps phonic resource.

Talisman /ee/
Magnetic Board /air sound homophones
/ee/ Sounds Write
/ee/ lesson

Sounds Write evidence based synthetic phonic program (John Walker). Sounds Write Australia training via dsf Perth.

/er/ lesson Sounds Write
/air/ sound
a_e split digraph
Math games
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