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B.Prim.Ed, DSE Rem. Ed, Master in Education (University of Melbourne).

From the Director of

Learner Assist

Juanita Lee

Juanita Lee
Support Tutor and LDA Consultant Specialist Teacher

Juanita Lee is a Specialist Consultant Tutor with over 20 years’ experience teaching students with learning difficulties. She has a Bachelor of Primary Degree in Education (1989), Post Graduate Diploma in Special Education (1997, UNISA) and Master of Education (2007, University of Melbourne). Juanita is a Specialist Teacher Consultant Member of Learning Difficulties Australia and member of SPELD Victoria. She has been certified by 'InSpEd' as a specialist teacher

Juanita has taught in special schools, mainstream schools and privately over the course of her teaching career. Her teaching experience and particular interest lies in tutoring students with dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia. Many of the students she teaches also present with comorbid conditions such as ADHD and ASD.

Juanita has had a great deal of training and experience in implementing evidence-based approaches that teach reading, spelling, writing and arithmetic skills.  

Professional Development 2024:


Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling


Unit 8:   Online modules

Dates:    March 2024 (6hrs)

LDA Think It! Say It! Write It! (10.5hrs)

Dates:   20th February 

               27th February 

               5th March 

               12th March 

               19th March 

               26th March 

LDA Syntax for Success (Secondary School), 21st March (1.5hrs)


Professional Development 2023:


Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling

Units 5-8: Zoom meeting & Online modules

Dates:     10th February 2022 (12hrs)

                   5th May 2022 (12hrs)

                   28th July 2022 (12hrs) 

                   20th October 2022 (12hrs) - 6hrs To be completed


2023 Australian Mathematics Teachers Online Conference (AMTOC), 23rd January (6hrs)

LDA NCCD PD, 8th February, 2023 (1.5hrs)

LDA Morph Mastery, by Louise Selby,  15th and 22nd March, 2023 (3hrs)

Unlocking Numeracy (Treacy Centre), 2nd April, 2023 (4hrs)

LDA Jenny Baker, Essay Writing Secondary School, 24th/25th July 2023 (4 hrs)

LDA Jenny Baker, Literary Fiction Writing for Secondary School Students, 16th August 2023 (2hrs)

LDA Making Math Real and Fun, by Sarah Wedderburn, 12th / 13th September 2023 (2hrs)

LDA R.T.I Framework, 28th / 29th October 2023 (7hrs)

LDA From Observation to Referral: Navigating dyslexia assessments with confidence, by Stewart D'Silva, 16th November 2023 (2hrs)

Professional Development 2022:


Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling


Units 1-4: Zoom meeting & Online modules

Dates:     11th February 2022 (12hrs)

                   6th May 2022 (12hrs)

                   29th July 2022 (12hrs)

                   21st October 2022 (12hrs)

Linnea Ehri and Friends (LDA), 23rd October, 2022 (5.5hrs)


2022 Australian Mathematics Teachers Online Conference (AMTOC), 21st January (6hrs)


Multi-Tiered Systems of Support LDA, 20th March (6hrs)


International DLD Research Conference online (September 2021 - September 2022)


Professional Development 2021:

January 7th (7.5hrs)

          William Van Cleave - Syntax Matters


May (3hrs) - Not complete.

          William Van Cleave - Advanced Syntax


January 14th (6hrs)

         LDA National Conference: virtual event

September - November 2020 (5hrs)

        SOLAR - Introduction (Prof Pamela Snow)

April - May 2021 (5hrs)

       SOLAR - Intermediate (Prof Pamela Snow)

March 20th (3hrs)

          ABA - ABiA - 

          Managing ASD in the classroom

          Behaviour management

          Social skills

March 11th (3hrs)

         Dr Anna Bortoli

         Social Emotional Learning and Resilience

March 2021 InSpEd certification

March 21st (6hrs)

          Language for Life (Lyn Stone)

May 30th (5hrs)

          LDA High Impact Strategies for  Supporting Secondary Students (Renae Watkins - Strategies, Melanie Henry - Morphology, Ben Saulsman - Maths,  Sharon Telfer - PBIS)


July 21st (Approx 16hrs)

          Multisensory Maths (Marilyn Zecher) 

October 11th (1.5hrs for 6 Mondays = 9hrs)

          The Science of Writing - Learning Difficulties Australia.

Robyn Bartram – Handwriting

Lyn Stone – Words and Grammar

Jenny Baker – Sentences, Paragraphs and Essays

Professional Development 2020:

February 2nd (8hrs)

           LDA Assessment Tools and Specialist Teacher Practice. (One of the speakers and organisers.)     


April (6 hrs)

Online: SPELD Professional Certificate in Dyscalculia and Maths' Learning Difficulties. (Completed online in August 17th due to COVID.)


June 15th / 17th / 22nd / 24th (12hrs)

Talk for Writing  - Primary School workshop. Provided online by SPELD.

September 28th / October 12th and 26th / November 9th (6hrs)

SOLAR (Science of Language and Reading Short Course) - La Trobe. Provided by Prof Pamela Snow and Associate Professor Tanya Serry.

September 28th (1 hour)

Tutoring for Life (online). Provided by Lyn Stone.

October 1st (1 hour)

Weekly Words Webinar (online). Provided by Lyn Stone.

October 27th (3 hours)

Reading League Conference: Dr Anita Archer - Improving Written Compositions, and William Van Cleve: Morphology to Build Vocabulary and Spelling.

November 28th (1 hour)


Professional Development 2019:

January 21st-24th (4 days)

SOUNDS WRITE synthetic phonics (SPELD)

February 10th (4 hrs)

Dyscalculia and low numeracy, by Anne Williams (LDA)


August 19th (6hrs)

Dr David Kilpatrick: Assesment and highly effective intervention.

Professional Development 2018:

1st March (3 hours)

Teaching Students Unable to Read, Spell and Write (Online) (PLD: Diana Rigg)

18th March (3 hours)

Anna Bortoli: Identifying and addressing the needs of students with ASD and ADHD


19th May (6 hours)


2 hrs per session (3 speakers on the day)

Tom Hierck: ‘Where Passion Meets Purpose: Moving from Believe to Achieve’.

Response To Intervention discussed. 


Donna Wilson: ‘Strategies for Differentiating Reading Instruction’. BRAINSMART program.


Tamra Stambaugh: ‘When Students Don’t Perform to their Potential’:

Academic behaviours, skills and attitudes of gifted students, including the ‘twice-exceptional’ students (the gifted student with a learning disability). 

25th May (5 hours)

Orton Gillingham Tips and Tricks, by Cory Zylstra (LD Conference)

26th  May (5 hours)

Learning Differences Conference:

5 sessions, of 1 hour each: 


Session 1:  Global Change and Learning Differences with Professor Pasi Sahlberg

Session 2: Maths Magic with Samantha Hornery

Session 3: English Language Performance and Early Literacy with Tanya Serry

Session 4: Bridging the Gap between funding and meaningful support for Autism with Myrna Dominguez

Session 5: Using the new WIAT111 with Valerie O’Keefe

May 2018 (5 weeks. Over the course of May.)

Supporting Children with Difficulties in Reading and Writing, by University of London, UCL institute of Education, Dyslexia international. (Online)

14th June (5 hours)

Preventing Literacy Difficulties: Diana Rigg (PROVIDED BY SPELD. FREE. A full day at Donkey Wheelhouse.)

  1. Phonological awareness

  2. Alphabet sound knowledge

  3. Phonemic Awareness

  4. Single word reading

  5. Phonic Sequence Placement Test.

16th June (5.5 hours)

Jenny Barker: Developing Sentence Complexity in Written Expression (LDA)

9th August (3 hours)

Synthetic Phonics and beyond (Online -Promoting Literacy Development: Diana Rigg)


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