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Spectronics provides a great deal of assistive technology.

The link to their website is:

DSF Perth provides information on their website: DSF - Assistive Technology

AUSPELD and Dyslexia Victoria Support endorse the following phonic apps for literacy:

Abc PocketPhonics Full Version: Letter, sounds & writing & first wordsApps in my pocket

Cambugs Letter SoundsCambugs

Hairy Letters! Hairy Phonics! Hairy WordsNessy Learning

Initial CodeSounds-Write Ltd

Ladybird: I'm ready for Phonics with Captain Comet. Penguin books

Ladybird: I'm Ready to SpellPenguin books

Oz PhonicsDSP Learning

Sound Literacy3D Literacy, LLC

Teach your monster to read - Phonics and Reading.  Teach Monster Games

Touch and Write PhonicsFizzbrain LLC

TwinkiTwinki Limited.

The University of Edinburgh provides an interesting Android App Wheel. Visit the link below:

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