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Here are links to resources for teaching phonemic awareness, decoding, reading fluency, reading comprehension, written expression and morphology. Links also for resources regarding maths.


Resources for teaching written expression:

1. Reading Rockets website


2. ​Five from Five website


3. William Van Cleave resources:

Videos on syntax and morphology

Sentence Sense workbooks (William Van Cleave website Store)

Sentence Stretch Card Game


4. The Writing Revolution


5. Talk for Writing (Pie Corbett)

6. Language Dynamics (Story Champs videos)

Australian Reading Spine:

Resources for teaching Morphology:

1. The Syntax Project 2022


2. Louise Selby resources:

Morph Mastery book

Louise Selby’s website


3. Spelfabet website:

Wordwall activities:

Spelfabet spelling lists (by morphemes)


4. Word Aware vocabulary games


Phonemic Awareness:    


1. PAST Test: Free online.

This is the US version. For the Australian accent version, please see LDA website:


Related resource: Dr Kilpatrick’s Equipped for reading success.

Decoding (Science of Reading):

Spelfabet website:

To attend Professional Development Events visit:

If you are Sounds Write trained, access the 'Sounds-Write Teacher's PORTAL' for teaching activities:

Tessa Daffern, author of the CoST and CoSTEY spellings tests provides a number of free resources:

Reading Fluency:

Reading Comprehension:


LETRS Reading Comprehension Planner: Establish Purpose for Reading, Identify Text Structure, Prepare Background Knowledge, Select Vocabulary, Identify Challenging Language, Plan Questions, Anticipate student questions, Assessment.


PROBE Tests – online free pdf sample

Games and further teaching resources:

‘Fish for Endings’ card game that teaches syllable suffixes.


Dr Ange Rogers provides a free numeracy assessment for assessing Place Value:


Dr Paul Swan has set up a great website for accessing teaching resources and interactive activities for maths:

For interactive, animated multiplication and division number explorers:


1. CUBED (Language Dynamics)

2. MOTIF TESTS (Macquarie University)


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