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Students with a learning difficulty such as dyslexia, together with a giftedness profile exhibit the following characteristics:

1. Highly motivated in areas of interest.

2. Easily frustrated; gives up easily.
3. Verbally proficient.
4. Underperforms in tests but exceeds in areas of interest.
5. High IQ but low self-esteem, low self-efficacy and low self-concept.
6. Anxious.
7. Creative ideas but doesn't follow through.
8. Perfectionism. 
9. Less resilient.
10. Negative attitude toward school.
11. Possibly rebellious.
12. Lacks goal-directed behaviour.
13. Focuses on external locus of control.
14. Honest in rejecting unstimulating or unchallenging work.
15. Socially immature.

References: Reis and Mc Coach, 2011; Moira Thomson, 2007 and Gross Miraca (GERRIC), 2003

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